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The rope access technicians for rotor blade and tower

Rotor Blade

Rotor Blades

The rotor consists mainly of 3 blades and is one of the main components of a wind energy converter. A rotor blade is made from fibre reinforced plastic, abbr. FRP. Mainly produced in a sandwich construction with aerodynamic shells and spars or ribs as reinforcing elements.

Turbine Tower

Turbine Tower

The standard design of a wind turbine is a conical steel tubular tower. Modern variants for high towers are hybrid towers, consisting from concrete elements and steel parts. Other forms are lattice towers or wood towers.

Turbine Component

Turbine Components

The mechanical drive train consisting of hub, drive shaft, transmission, brake and generator are located in or at the nacelle. The board crane usually placed at the end of the nacelle. Platforms, power rails, signal lights, service lift, ladder and safety fall protection are in or on the turbine tower.



Necessary onshore and offshore qualifications in the wind energy are very extensive. These are divided into national and international norms and standards, according FISAT, GWO, DNV GL and ISO.