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Access Technology

Access Technology

Depending on your specifications, we develop a specific access concept. A technically sound and economically viable solution to your problems is guaranteed by our engineers, business administrators and technicians.

We work with rope access technology, crane-driven access or rotor blade maintenance platforms.

Rope Access

Rope Acess

When using rope assisted work place positioning, at least two of our certified altitude workers abseil down the turbine tower or the rotor blades directly to their workplace. Necessary tools or materials are carried by the technicians – secured against falling.

Larger components or machines will be brought to the workplace using separate ropes. Rope assisted positioning, compared to other high access methods, is a cost-saving and fast alternative that is suitable for nearly all types of work, independent of location.

Since there is no need for heavy equipment, there is no need to modify the wind energy turbine and therefore there is no chance of damages. Our teams are much less influenced by prevailing weather conditions compared to work using hydraulic lifts or rotor blade maintenance platforms. Rope assisted access also allows for a flexible reaction and a short-term performance realisation, avoiding long, site-related, organisational issues.

Deployment is fast, flexible and internationally viable.

Cherry Picker

Cherry Picker

In locations where rope access technology can be easily enhanced and access using rotor blade maintenance platforms is not possible, cherry-pickers will be used.



Blade Access Platform

Blade Access Platform

Seilpartner Windkraft GmbH has several rotor blade maintenance platforms, which are used only for repairs on the rotor blades.

Transported on a trailer and with a fully equipped maintenance vehicle, our platforms are used all over Europe.

Three fully trained rotor blade technicians perform specialised repairs, on each of our maintenance platforms.




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Procurist and Project Manager
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Andreas Schümberg
Procurist and Project Manager
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Project Manager Rotor Blades Repair
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Project Manager Working Platforms
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Project Assistance
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Project Manager - Company Branch
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