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Rotor Blades

Rotor Blades

Your machines are exposed to extreme weather conditions, especially the rotor blades are subject to stresses. To provide a long life span and a trouble-free operation, the turbines condition needs to be checked regularly. Only then can damages be recognized prematurely expensive repairs as well as long downtimes can be avoided.

SEILPARTNER Windkraft GmbH is one of the most experienced special service providers for inspections, maintenance and repairs on rotor blades.

Our services ensure:

  • Efficient plant operation with short downtimes independent of plant type, location or height
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Fast, flexible and single-sourced execution of services in complying to the highest quality standards
  • Conservation of value and life-span of your wind turbine



Inspection intervals are derived from the German Product Safety Law (Produktsicherheitsgesetz - ProdSG) and the Work Safety Regulations (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung - BetrSichV)

The operator is responsible for the compliance to the legal framework.

The operator is a natural or juridical person, who decrees over the plant and takes responsibility for operating the facility. The ownership structure is irrelevant. We will assist you in complying with your terms and duties.

The inspection of the rotor blades’ condition will be done externally and internally, using extensive, non-invasive visual examination techniques in accordance with Work Safety Regulations and prevailing norms and regulations, before initial operation, recurrent, state-oriented, extraordinarily, after changes or notification of damage.

We inspect the blade structure, including the accessories and optimators, the seal between blade and hub, the drainage drillings and the lightning protection system.

All anomalies will be documented in an extensive written inspection report, complemented by examination protocols of the lightning protection system or the hydraulic blade tip mechanics where required. The documentation is the foundation for the preparation of our repair offers.



The life span of rotor blades is dependent on a timely repair.

Specially trained in fibre composite technology, our service technicians repair in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications; the regulations of the DNV GL and our rigorous quality management system - in compliance with work safety and environmental regulations.

Aside from laminating, we offer repair works on the lightning protection systems of the rotor blades, on hydraulic blade tip brakes or attachments.

As with the inspection, you will receive a detailed documentation of our performance.



As a specialist for rotor blades, we deliver and assemble accessories and optimators.

We have the necessary logistics and infrastructure in terms of staff, equipment and access technology, as well as our own rotor blade maintenance platforms, powered ascenders and rope access technology.

Additionally, our service technicians support wind turbine manufacturers in the construction and replacement of turbine components.

Manufacturer References

  • Enercon
  • GE Energy
  • Vestas
  • LM Glasfiber
  • NOI
  • A&R
  • PowerBlades
  • Aerolaminat
  • Aerpac
  • Senvion
  • Nordex


Rüdiger Gorll
Procurist and Project Manager
Phone: +49 3342.50289-12
Andreas Schümberg
Procurist and Project Manager
Phone: +49 3342.50289-13
Stuart Kenny
Project Manager Rotor Blades Repair
Phone: +49 3342.50289-14
Tom Paech
Project Manager Working Platforms
Phone: +49 3342.50289-15
Silvio Bunschus
Project Assistance
Phone: +49 3342.50289-18
Kevin Linge
Project Manager - Company Branch
Phone: +49 36453 189996