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Turbine Tower

Turbine Tower

SEILPARTNER Windkraft GmbH is one of the most experienced special service providers for inspection, maintenance and repair works on Turbine towers worldwide.

This includes: tubular steel towers, lattice masts, hybrid towers, transition pieces and membrane- wood constructions, as well as offshore installations like jackets, tripods, tri- or mono piles.

Our service ensures:

  • Efficient plant operation with short downtimes independent of plant type, location or height
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Fast, flexible and single-sourced execution of services in complying to the highest quality standards
  • Conservation of value and life-span of your wind turbine



As with rotor blades, the turbine towers also need regular inspections.

The inspection intervals are derived from the German Product Safety Law (Produktsicherheitsgesetz - ProdSG) and the Work Safety Regulations (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung - BetrSichV)

The operator is responsible for the compliance to the legal framework. We will assist you in complying with your terms and duties.

We evaluate the technical condition of the lattice support structures, as well as the secondary electrical installations of lattice mast towers.

We examine the coating and flange joints of tubular steel towers and offshore platforms, offshore establishments and transition pieces.

We map the connections in hybrid towers to assist the repair planning.



Our service activities include corrosion protection and coating works on welded joints, tower flanges and tower segments.

Handy process techniques, e.g. surface preparation without using complicated blasting techniques, result in a perfect coating.

Especially for sealing tower flanges, in case of gaping flanges, our TJS product Tower Joint Sealing) is applied.

Our service technicians have manufacturer regulated training, for handling the utilized coating materials in compliance with work safety and environmental regulations.

Furthermore, we undertake concrete restoration work on hybrid towers as well as the repair of membrane sealing’s on wood constructions.

We develop access concepts for offshore solutions and execute the corresponding maintenance work professionally.

We undertake within the scope of the inspection of bolted joints the specific required torque testing of high-tensile bolted fittings.

Naturally, we will provide you with a detailed documentation for all of our executed work.



Environmental influences, wilful damage, disasters, transport or assembly damages do not only impair the appearance of your turbine, but can also be environmentally damaging and require immediate action. As a service provider, Seilpartner Windkraft GmbH is readily available to you.

The cleaning agents we use are 100% bio degradable and present no additional danger to our employees or the environment.

A record of proper waste management will, as a matter of course, be provided.

Manufacturer References

  • Klotz
  • SIAG
  • Chengxi
  • Max Bögl
  • Titan Wind
  • Reuther


Rüdiger Gorll
Procurist and Project Manager
Phone: +49 3342.50289-12
Andreas Schümberg
Procurist and Project Manager
Phone: +49 3342.50289-13
Stuart Kenny
Project Manager Rotor Blades Repair
Phone: +49 3342.50289-14
Tom Paech
Project Manager Working Platforms
Phone: +49 3342.50289-15
Silvio Bunschus
Project Assistance
Phone: +49 3342.50289-18
Kevin Linge
Project Manager - Company Branch
Phone: +49 36453 189996